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Producer - Matthew McLaughlin, University of Washington
Narration - Brian Boyle, Northwest Environmental Forum
Music - "In the Field" by Jason Shaw @
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Our Mission

The Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) seeks to establish, support, and manage research and education programs relating to renewable industrial materials focused on the environmental impact of the production, use, and disposal of wood and other bio-based materials.

The intent is to create:

  • A consistent database to evaluate the environmental performance of wood and alternative materials from resource regeneration or extraction to end use and disposal, i.e., from "cradle to grave".
  • A framework for evaluating life-cycle environmental and economic impacts.
  • Source data for many users, including resource managers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, environmental protection and energy analysts, and policy specialists.
  • An organizational framework to obtain the best science and peer review.